BeMilCIS 2017

The BeMilCIS 2017 conference was organised in PEUTIE on the 20th of June 2017.

The conference hosted 8 speakers. The detailed program and the 1 page abstract of the presentations can be found here. The presentations are available on the SharePoint of the CISS Department.

08.45-09.10Registration and coffee in block D4 
09.10-09.20Welcome & introduction in the cinema complex
09.20-10.00 GREGOIRE Christophe
(Directeur Technique & Operations)
ANIZET Olivier, Ir 
(Radio Networks Program Manager)
10.00-10.30Network separation to the deskCPN VANDENHAUTE Pierre-François, Ir
10.30-11.00Coffee break 
Everything over IP version 3.0: Network separation to the deployed networksCPN BOURDOUX Olivier, Ir
Data and visual analytics (Exploring data with next-generation LRF tools)MAJ CLAERHOUT Mario, Ir
Mr BEECKMAN Steven, Ir
 12.00-12.30Multi Role Radio’s      CDT SHAKIR Jonathan, Ir
Standing lunch (sandwiches) in block D4 
Link-16CDT CAERS Eric
1LT STOCK Damien, Ir
14.00-14.30Governmental Satellite Communication (The next generation of Airtime provider)MAJ BEAUDOT Geoffroy, Ir
14.30-15.00Military use of commercial UAV (part 2)CDT SCHMITZ Laurent
15.00-15.15Closing session
Drink (first two consumptions are offered by the 'CIS Officers Circle')