Welcome to the BeMilCIS website.

About BeMilCIS

BeMilCIS is a conference on military related CIS topics,  bringing together the CIS community of the Belgian Armed Forces. During this one day conference, specialists have the opportunity to present modern as well as future technologies and military CIS systems.

The intent of the conference is to create a forum for useful contacts and exchange of ideas within the Belgian military CIS community and to keep the CIS community informed about the latest technologies.

The conference is under the patronage of the 'CIS Officers Circle'.

The main topics of the conference are situated in the area of tactical communications and networks, strategic communications, corporate military networks and information assurance.

General information on BeMilCIS 2019

The BeMilCIS 2019 conference will take place on Tuesday June 18th, 2019  and will be hosted in PEUTIE (block D4).  The program starts at 08.45 am and ends around 15.00 pm, followed by a drink offered by the CIS Officers Circle. The detailed program is available here.

Dress code: Service Dress (2C).


Registration for the event is open and can be done on this site or directly on the site of the 'CIS Officers Circle'. For administrative reasons, we ask all participants to register NLT 12 JUN 2019.

Conference fee

The conference is free of charge. For administrative reasons however, we ask all participants to register.

Standing lunch

During the lunch break a standing lunch will be organised in block D4 at a charge of 6 € (to be paid via bank transfer to the bank account of the CIS Officers Circle prior to the conference).


For further information, please contact Col Filip GILLET (filip.gillet@mil.be), Col Herman HENDRICKX (herman.hendrickx@mil.be) or Col Bart SCHEERS (bart.scheers@mil.be).